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Paintless dent removal

We are specialists in Micro Autobody works, and we repair Hail damages, Door dings, minor dents. All these are done without scratching or repainting your car. We are mobile, we can do your car anywhere at home, office, dealership or garage. YOU ARE THE BOSS.

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PDR is Paintless dent removal system, using this new method we are able to remove all the dents from your vehicle without scratching it and there no need to repaint it after the process. The benefits of this system are astonishing, your vehicle get to keep its value, there is no disturbance in color uniformity and most importantly it saves time and money.

With dedication, experience and skill we give you tailor made services at affordable prices that suits your needs in due time.


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Small dents can affect the the averall look of your car and can send out wrong impressions.


Its like hitting a reset button.


Using panel beating system alters the original shape of body.It also take a lot of time and cost more money.


PDR system keeps your vehicle original and you save a lot of time and money.

Causes of dents in your car.

Hail Damage

Hail storms cause damages to our car, sometimes its kind of hard to spot them immediately. Its always a good practice to inspect your property once in while. To avoid this park your car in the garage or under a tree if possible.

Trolley bumps

Incidents happen everywhere, even in the shopping malls car-trolley collisions happen. We are mobile call us and we will we be right there in no time.

Lite Bumps

We properly align the curve of your vehicle making sure that it keeps 100% original shape. Lite bumps are caused by placing have object onto or besides your vehicle.

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Minor Dents

Wondering whether you should find another car or have it repaired because those numerous small dents? We'll give you an expert opinion.

Door Dings

These are very popular depending on the model of the vehicle the cause vary.Normally they created by reoccuring forces generated by slaming the doors.

General dents

We have come across some dents that we could not point their causes. But we repaired them anyway.


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